Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k Home Computer – Vintage Tech

Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k Home Computer – Vintage Tech


The Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k is an 8-bit personal home computer released in the UK in 1982 by Sinclair Research. 

The original ZX Spectrum is known for its rubber keyboard, diminutive size and distinctive rainbow logo motif. It was originally released on 23 April 1982 with 16 KB of RAM for £125 (equivalent to £378.92 in 2020) or with 48 KB for £175 (equivalent to £504.48 in 2020); these prices were then later reduced to £99 and £129 respectively. 

Owners of the original 16 KB model could purchase an internal 32 KB RAM upgrade kit, which for early “Issue 1” Spectrum’s consisted of a daughter-board.  Later issue Spectrum’s required the fitting of 8 dynamic RAM chips and a few TTL chips. Users could mail their 16K Spectrum’s to Sinclair to be upgraded to 48 KB versions. Later revisions contained 64 KB of memory but were configured such that only 48 KB were usable.

External 32 KB RAM cartridge packs that mounted in the rear expansion slot were available from third parties. Both versions of the Spectrum did have 16 KB of on-board ROM.

An early “Issue 1” ZX Spectrum can be distinguished from later models by the colour of the rubber keys – light grey for Issue 1, blue-grey for later versions. Also according to the official service manual, approximately 26,000 of these original boards were manufactured.

The Sinclair ZX Spectrum models featured an audio line in and out, in the form of an “ear” and “mic” socket.  An external tape recorder was needed to load the software released, or the ZX Microdrive.  Either socket could be connected to headphones or an amplifier as an audio output, although this would not disable the internal speaker.

Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k Home Computer - Vintage Tech

Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k Home Computer - Vintage Tech

Sinclair Research The Company

Sinclair Research Ltd is a British consumer electronics company founded by Clive Sinclair in Cambridge. It was originally incorporated in 1973 as Westminster Mail Order Ltd, renamed Sinclair Instrument Ltd, then Science of Cambridge Ltd, then Sinclair Computers Ltd, and finally Sinclair Research Ltd. It remained dormant until 1976, when it was activated with the intention of continuing Sinclair’s commercial work from his earlier company Sinclair Radionics, and adopted the name Sinclair Research in 1981.

In 1980, Clive Sinclair entered the home computer market with the ZX80 at that time the cheapest personal computer for sale in the UK. In 1982 the Sinclair ZX Spectrum 16k was released, becoming the UK’s best selling computer, and competing aggressively against Commodore and Amstrad. Immediately followed by the 48k bigger brother version.


Technical Details - Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k

  • CPU: Z80A
  • Speed: 3.5MHz
  • RAM: 16KB or 48KB
  • Rubber Keyboard
  • Colour Graphics
  • Sound (beeper – 1 channel, 10 octaves)
  • Local price at launch: £125 For the 16K version and then £175 48K version

Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k Home Computer - Vintage Tech

Re-live the memories of the ZX Spectrum - back to the 80's

  • The only Sinclair ZX Spectrum device for use with phones, tablets, Macs / PCs and even TVs
  • Authentic rubber-key, play-control of games – classic and also modern
  • IWireless with high-speed Bluetooth 3.0 technology
  • Portable – combine with a phone or tablet for fun or productivity on the go
  • Optimized – the recreated device’s ‘GAME’ layer has been perfected for iOS / Android apps and for games in general
  • QWERTY layer has been honed for applications requiring access to all the functionality of a full-size keyboard
  • Also supports Apple AirPlay and Google Chromecast enabling wireless streaming of what’s on the screen of a phone, tablet, Mac or PC to an HDTV

So if you want to re-live your childhood and go skiing with Horace, then this is definitely for YOU !! 

The Recreated Sinclair ZX Spectrum

ZX Spectrum


The Recreated Sinclair ZX Spectrum 

How much is a Sinclair ZX Spectrum worth today ?

So in short not really that much too be honest !! So best keep hold for another few years.

After doing extensive research on a well known auction site. We have seen them go for as little as £50.00 including shipping up to about £200.00 for a mint version fully boxed. So unfortunately not super valuable YET !!!
(Prices were correct at the time of publishing)

A Compendium of ZX Spectrum Games - Volume One

A Compendium of ZX Spectrum Games - Volume One


This book takes you through the history of the much-loved platform, sampling a varied cross-section of the many thousands of games from the very first releases to modern retro classics and even previously unreleased prototypes. Each entry features a screenshot, review and publishing information, along with the author’s personal rating for the title.

With ten entries for each letter of the alphabet, this is not supposed to be a list of the best or the worst games; neither is it a complete guide to all that’s available. It is simply a meandering journey through well over thirty years of home computing history, designed to interest both the dedicated fan and also the casual reader.

Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k Home Computer - Vintage Tech
Sinclair ZX Spectrum

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