How To Choose The Right Smart Watch For You

How To Choose The Right Smart Watch For You

How To Choose The Right Smart Watch For You


Choosing your smart watch is like going to a grocery store. There are so many types of food and snacks that, without a clear idea what you are looking for, you may just get confused. It is called analysis paralysis. So many option that you end up too confused to choose.  So let us help you How To Choose The Right Smart Watch For You !

Luckily, just like going to a grocery, you don’t have to be confused. Just like food, you make your purchases based on your individual preferences and needs. When picking the right smart watch for you, you need to be clear on your needs. These needs will guide you as you browse through features.

To make your decision much easier, let’s have good look at what makes these smart watches unique and how to make the perfect choice for yourself.

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This is the first thing that describes your smart watch. For some of the most popular smart watches, the brand name creates a perspective of what to expect from the watch. Some of the biggest names in the smart watch industry are Apple, Samsung, Fossil, Tag Heuer and Fitbit.

Most smart watch lovers already have an idea what to expect from their products. Apple lovers may expect to enjoy the inter connectivity between all Apple devices, from their smart watch to their phones to computers. For those who love Samsung, it could be the custom features and the ability to install android apps. Fit bit will generally impress people who are buying their smart watch solely for health reasons.

Just as brands shape perceptions, you have to decide if this matters to you, and who you prefer to pitch your tent with.


Beyond brand, one of the most important factors to consider is the smart watch style. Even if the smart watch has the features you love, would you still love to wear it if it doesn’t look good? Also, just like everyday watches, smart watches can look classy or sporty. The clock face can be digital or analogue. You have to decide which style you are going for before buying your smart watch.


An important part of a smart watch is the display. The type of display used would determine how richly colorful and bright the content appear. The two most popular display types are LCD screens and AMOLED display. While LCD has been used for a long time, AMOLED is more recent and looks cooler.

Of course, the greater the screen performance, the more battery power it requires. So, smart watch brands try to balance the performance with the battery life. When choosing your smart watch, you have to consider if the colours and brightness are important enough for the extra battery juice.

How To Choose The Right Smart Watch For You


Naturally, battery is another thing to consider when buying your smart watch. Since you are likely to have your smart watch on your wrist for the most part of the day, you should consider how much power your battery needs to have to keep on functioning.

Besides glancing at your smart watch occasionally to check the time, consider if you would be using it for other functions. For example, if you choose to connect it to your device via Bluetooth, listen to music on it, or make phone calls, you may need a large battery power. The function would determine the battery life.



Would you be connecting your smart watch with your smartphone? Most people do. If you are going to do this, make sure the smart watch you want to buy is compatible with your phone. There are smart watches that sync with either the Android OS or the iOS.

There are others that sync effortlessly with both. Make sure you know what you are going for before paying the money. One other thing to consider is if you would be changing your phone anytime soon. If this is the case, have your next phone in mind when making your smart watch choice.


Before choosing your smart watch, be sure of the types of apps you can install. Obviously, factors like the smart watch’s operating system (OS) play a role. Find out if the apps you would be using support smart wear compatibility. For example, there is a dedicated Apple Watch App Store that allows you to access thousands of apps enhanced for the small smart watch face. Another smart watch with a lot of apps is Pebble.

Phone Call Interaction

If you are connecting your smart watch to your phone, you will get notifications of incoming phone calls right on your wrist. Now, different smart watches approach this differently. While some smart watches allow you to pick up the call and speak directly with the caller through the smart watch, others only allow you to pick the call while the phone acts as the call medium. Consider the ease of use when choosing your smart watch.

Health Features


Most smart watches are optimized for health and fitness tracking. Most likely, you plan on enjoying these features. Before choosing your preferred smart watch, make sure you are clear on what you want. While some smart watches come with sedentary reminder and distance tracker, more sophisticated smart watches track heart rate, sleep rate and more.

User Experience


The user experience of a smart watch covers how easy to use it is and how the experience is. Smart watches typically come with small faces. To make up for it, some smart watches come with buttons and a touch screen. Others include gesture-based interactions. While picking on small icons and swiping on your wrist may be all right for some, others value the added features. Decide what matters to you when buying your smart watch.


While this may come last, price is one of the most important factors. Not everyone has a large budget for a smart watch, and that is fine. There are always several smart watches within different price ranges. Choose a smart watch that delivers the most value for the price it is sold and you are good to go.

At the end of the day, you are the only person who knows exactly what you need. When you take the factors presented above and tweak your preference, you would find a good number of smart watches ready to grace your wrist. Make your choice and enjoy it!

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