Billconch Fingerprint Bike U Lock

Billconch Fingerprint Bike U Lock

This product is a U-shaped padlock that can provide fingerprint recognition. The U-shaped lock beam is hardened 45 steel, which can resist hydraulic shear damage within 10 tons. It has IPx6 waterproof function and can be used for bicycles, motorcycles and doors , where windows and other places need to be locked, you can use them safely indoors or outdoors.

Its top-notch fingerprint recognition and Bluetooth APP function combines its security and ease of use, so you can use your peace of mind.

  • FINGERPRINT BIKE U-LOCK: This fingerprint padlock uses high-quality fingerprint recognition technology, which is very sensitive and can be unlocked in only 0.5 seconds. You can record 20 sets of fingerprints,there is also a spare key.
  • METAL STURDY STRUCTURE: The U lock body is made of zinc alloy and the lock beam is made of stainless steel , can prevent hydraulic shears within 10 tons for superior cut resistance, high safety performance, protect your bike against thieves.
  • APP CONTROL: The U lock can be unlocked by APP. It can also manage unlocking fingerprint, change password and view unlocking record on APP. APP is simple and practical, easy to use
  • WATERPROOF U BIKE LOCK: IPx6 waterproof , so don’t need worry about you can’t unlock when it being wet in outdoors
  • USB CHARGING: This door lock uses the UBS interface to charge, can last for a long time, and has a low battery display, so don’t worry about not being able to unlock without electricity, just charge it when you have low battery

Fingerprint Recognition

Top fingerprint recognition, U-lock can record up to 40 sets of fingerprint information, quick identification, security anti-theft

APP Control

You can download BILLCONCH APP in the Apple Store or Google Store.

Connect to the app via Bluetooth, can unlock on the app, also can change the password, set the fingerprint, manage the fingerprint, view the unlock record, etc.

To resist cutting & leverage attacks

30 mm heavy duty shackle and a cable, the lock beam is made of hardened 45 steel and can withstand hydraulic shears up to 10 tons. To resist cutting & leverage attacks, provide your bike more safety

USB Charging

USB charging with low battery reminder. When the battery is low, you can use the micro usb cable to connect to the charging interface of the device. When charging, the red indicator lights up. When the battery is fully charged, the green indicator lights up

Spare Keys

With spare keys, you can unlock it when there is no power to the device

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