Apple Watch vs Samsung Galaxy Watch Which Smartwatch Is Right for you?

Apple Watch vs Samsung Galaxy Watch Which Smartwatch Is Right for you?

Apple Watch vs Samsung Galaxy Watch Which Smartwatch Is Right for you?

Apple Watch vs Samsung Galaxy Watch Which Smartwatch Is Right for you?

So let’s jump straight in with Apple Watch vs Samsung Galaxy Watch Which Smartwatch is Right for you? are you a loyal Apple fan who queues outside the Apple store for hours and hours on launch date, or a tech savvy Android fan who enjoys the freedom of Android over Apples IOS ?

Theirs many reasons why you may prefer one over the other but normally it really does boil down to what phone you have ?!? so Which Smartwatch Is Right for you? Let’s compare some of the differences and features below and to a satisfying conclusion together.

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Differences between Apple Watch & Samsung Galaxy Watch

The most obvious difference between these two is the design. Apple’s watch is square, while Samsung’s watch is round. Both come in 40 or 44mm options, so you can choose the one that fits your wrist size best. … On the other hand (or wrist), the square Apple Watch screen is also more functional for reading text and notifications.

Also both the Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch are very capable fitness trackers, and are both packed full with smart features.

Furthermore both smart watches have colour touchscreens they’re very bright, sharp and easy to see in direct sunlight when doing an outdoor workout, for example. And they each have an always-on display so you can always see the time on your wrist.

So which Smartwatch Is Right for you?

Apple Watch Series 5
Apple Watch series 5

The obvious choice for iPhone users

Apple Watch vs Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch
Samsung Galaxy Watch
A versatile watch for Android users (and maybe iOS too)


Apple and Samsung have taken dramatically different approaches to smartwatch designs, with Apple fully leaning into the smartphone-on-your-wrist aesthetic. However, the Series 5’s display takes up more of the face—about 30% larger than previous models — so there is less of a bezel and Samsung on the other hand favouring the classic circular style of a traditional timepiece.

Apple is offering the Series 5 in two sizes, 40mm and 44mm (it will still offer the Series 3 in a 38mm and 42mm size.) Apple also have a very large and loyal following so for some it’s a no brainer, which smart watch they would prefer.

The smallest Galaxy Watch is 42mm, though because the device is round; it doesn’t feel much larger than the Apple Watch. The largest Galaxy Watch is a whopping 46mm.

Furthermore Samsung’s watch comes in three colours, though it restricts the 46mm to silver, with black and rose gold available only in the 42mm version. Like the Series 4, the Series 5 will come in silver, space grey and gold, but Apple will also offer three stainless steel finishes: polished, space black, and gold stainless.

Also for navigation purposes, both smart watches use buttons to complement their touch screens. The Apple Watch has a Digital Crown, which you press to view your app screen and turn to scroll down a page. It’s been updated with haptic feedback, which should make scrolling through lists more precise. A side button beneath it fires up your dock of most-used applications.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch sports a rotating bezel for scrolling, a unique design decision carried over from past generations of Samsung smartwatches. A button on the top right of the watch case is a back key, and beneath it is a home key for returning to the main home screen.

Battery Life

In tests, four days of battery life for the Samsung Galaxy Watch was achievable —which was in line with what the Samsung claims. (It’s also unclear how cellular connectivity will affect battery life)

Moreover Apple claims the slimmer design of the Series 5 will not affect its battery life, which is good considering the LTE Apple Watch Series 3 struggled to stay alive through a full 8-hour workday without a phone nearby. The Bluetooth model coasted through 18 hours, sometimes longer without heavy usage.


The Apple Watch Series 5 will command a premium over its older models. The Series 5 will range from £369 – £399, while the LTE version will start at £479. However, Apple is dropping the starting price of the Series 4 to £359, not a significant price decrease at all but at least something!!

Samsung kept the price of the Galaxy Watch pretty much in line with previous versions. The 42mm Bluetooth model is £269, and the 46mm version is £350. The 42mm LTE Galaxy Watch costs £379, and the 46mm model will cost £399. (Prices are approximate and were correct at the time of writing)


So in conclusion on; Apple Watch vs Samsung Galaxy Watch Which Smartwatch Is Right for you? Whilst both brands have their advantages and disadvantages, both the Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch make great fitness trackers, and they’re also packed full with smart features. However at the end of the day it does boil down to the type of mobile phone you use, prefer and obviously your personal preferences on performance design and price.




What are people saying about the Apple Watch?

Which size strap does the 44mm come with – s/m & m/l or m/l & l/xl?
Answer: it doesn’t come with the XL. Its s/m and M/l. XL is only available direct from apple.
By Amazon Customer on 03 December 2019

Can the watch connect to WiFi ?
Answer: Yes it can connect to Wi Fi
By Amazon Customer on 30 November 2019

Do we get warranty if we buy it from Amazon ?
Answer: Yes it’s 12months
By Amazon Customer on 30 November 2019



What are people saying about the Samsung Galaxy Watch?

What’s the difference between this watch and the active watch? Besides the price!!
Answer: You can take phone calls on this watch; the Active watch has no speaker so you can’t take calls.
By Amazon Customer on 28 December 2019

Does this watch connect to any phone ie iPhone or does it have to be a Samsung phone?
Answer: Yes, I believe this watch can be paired with any phone that supports the ‘Samsung Gear’ application. Although I believe some features may not be supported with other devices than Samsung.
By Amazon Customer on 08 September 2018

Can you go swimming with it?
Answer: Yes of course you can, been swimming in the sea on holiday. No problem.
By Amazon Customer on 25 December 2019




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